October 2019: Fifteen Year Anniversary of our ETF portfolios.

March 2019: New Frontier launches the first ever family of six strategic-risk-level optimized global indices.

January 2019: Ninth Annual Markowitz Award Winners Announced.


October 30, 2018: Dr. Michaud presents "What Went Wrong" at QWAFAFEW New York.

May 30, 2018: Richard and Robert Michaud are featured in CEO Today.

March 2018: Dr. Michaud presents lecture series "Finance's Wrong Turn," sponsored by CFA Society Boston. 

January 2018: Eighth Annual Markowitz Award Winners Announced.


December 1, 2017: The New Frontier Global Balanced Index (NFGBI) launches.

May 9, 2017: Richard and Robert Michaud are featured in a Forbes Magazine profile

March 2017: Seventh Annual Markowitz Award winners announced.

February 21, 2017: Dr. Michaud presents "Rebooting Modern Finance" at QWAFAFEW New York.


November 16, 2016: Dr. Esch presents "The Turnover-Tracking Error Frontier: Efficient Partial Trading" at NYC QWAFAFEW.

November 2016: A recording of Dr. Michaud and Dr. Esch presenting to NYSSA on "Deconstructing Black-Litterman" is now available on YouTube.

October 29, 2016: New Frontier's flagship portfolios completed a twelve-year track record. 

October 2016: Dr. Michaud and Dr. Esch present "'The Fundamental Law' is No Law of Anything" at Boston QWAFAFEW.

April 2016: Richard Michaud will present "The Fundamental Law of Mismanagement" at the CFA UK and fi360's INSIGHTS 2016 conference.

March 2016: Robert Michaud presented on innovations in estimating asset class risk and return at the 2016 Investment Symposium of the Society of Actuaries.

March 2016: Sixth Annual Markowitz Award winners announced.


March 2015: Robert Michaud presented "The False Promise of Target Date Funds" at the fi360 Conference.

February 2015: Fifth Annual Markowitz Award winners announced by JOIM.


October 2014: Ten Year Anniversary of our ETF portfolios.

February 3, 2014: Fourth Harry M. Markowitz Award Winners Announced.

January 2014: "The False Promise of Target Date Funds" by Dr. David Esch and Robert Michaud is published in the Journal of Indexes.