New Frontier has devoted time, research, and effort to develop our intellectual property. New Frontier's trademarks highlight and protect intellectual property as well as ensuring quality control. Trademarks are important and valuable assets of the corporation which must be used properly.

The following are trademarks of New Frontier:

  • Resampled Efficiency (original name of Michaud optimization)
  • Resampled Efficient Frontier (original name of Michaud Efficient Frontier)
  • Forecast Confidence

The following are guidelines for the use of trademarks:

  • In letters, memos, press releases, white papers, advertising, slides, and other multimedia presentations, properly designate () all of New Frontier's trademarks at the most prominent use.
  • In the case of presentation graphics, trademarks should be designated with the proper symbol on each page or slide.
  • In newsletters, magazines, and publications containing multiple articles, properly designate all of New Frontier's trademarks on the first occurrence in the Table of Contents, in headlines, and on the first occurrence in each article in which they are used.
  • For brochures, reports, books, technical documentation, and every other form of document always designate trademarks in the table of contents, title, and the first occurrence in the text.
  • Taglines, mottoes, graphs, charts, and tables require the trademark symbol at every occurrence.

Please contact us with inquiries concerning intellectual property or our patents.